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Trade friction main characteristic!

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Trade friction main characteristic!

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The number of frictions is high and growing, and the intensity is increasing. In terms of quantity, according to WTO statistics, in the anti-dumping investigation initiated by WTO members, about one in every seven cases involves China's export products. The recent European Union anti-dumping investigation into footwear in China has only been worth hundreds of millions of dollars in a single province in guangdong province.

Secondly, trade frictions gradually spread from traditional markets to emerging markets. The United States, the European Union, Japan, asean and Canada is the leading exporter of our country, the export market is still in the future "battleground" trade friction, trade relations between the two sides will appear "beg the development" developing friction, the friction of the situation. And our country to emerging markets such as Russia, India, South Africa, Mexico's exports, in more than 25%, increasing trade relations with these emerging markets will present "the big problem is not much, little problems continuously".

Once again, the trade frictions will gradually spread from single product to industry, and finally to policy and institutional level. In the early and middle years of foreign trade development, trade frictions were more concentrated on individual products. With the increasing variety of export products and the continuous optimization and improvement of export product structure, China's trade frictions with foreign countries are beginning to target certain product groups or industries. Moreover, the test of trade frictions in the future is not simply the ability to quell trade disputes, but more will be the test of policy and the level of system creation.

Finally, the direct cause of trade friction will be polymorphic. The arrival of trade frictions has its inevitability. The growth of trade frictions is inextricably linked with the development of China's foreign trade. It is a by-product of the trade scale expands unceasingly in our country, is to enhance China's export products competitiveness of a negative reaction, with the increasing of market openness has certain relevance. For a large trading nation, trade frictions are a normal state, and the key is how to solve it properly.

From the development trend of future foreign and our country in agricultural products, textiles, financial services, high technology, in exports, the world trade organization commitment, policy transparency policy coordination aspects, such as friction will also increase.

New features of international trade friction

The current situation of international trade friction presents two new features: (1) it is going up the steps; (2) increasingly intense. The upper step is the third step. The first step is tariff barrier and administrative protection measures. The wto has greatly reduced tariffs and efforts to eliminate administrative protections. Thus, the form and means of primary trade friction have been greatly weakened. The second step is the world trade organization (wto) allows members to take three kinds of lawful means of trade protection - in anti-dumping, countervailing, safeguard measures, at the same time, some special safeguard measures against China and trade diversion, disrupt the market, the market economy status and concepts are frequent and use. For now, trade protection measures are on the third step: technical barriers to trade. Technical barriers to trade have also been there, but are now more widely and conventionalized than they used to be.

In the competition of international trade, the various purposes of using technical trade barriers and various forms of trade barriers are interwoven to make the trade friction situation more complicated and sharp. Technical barriers to trade are more nominally legitimate, rational and ingenious, and are more of a trade barrier.

In the increasingly fierce competition in the global trade situation, with technical regulations, technical standards and conformity assessment procedures as the main content of technical barriers to trade has become the important means to adjust the interests of the trade around the world.

Technical barriers to trade have their scientific definition. Technical barriers to trade measures is one country (region) to protect citizens, animals and plants, environmental safety, prevent fraud, ensure product quality and the trade order and mandatory or voluntary technical measures. These measures will affect the free entry of goods, services and investment into the country's (regional) markets in other countries (regions). The technical barriers in the narrow sense mainly refer to the technical regulations standard and the conformity assessment procedure stipulated in the wto technical trade barrier agreement; General technical barriers not only include the wto the technical barriers to trade agreement, also including animals and plants and their products inspection and quarantine measures, packing label marking requirements, green barriers, such as information technology barriers, they are often in the form of technical regulations, standards and conformity assessment procedures.



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