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How to declare the entry and exit express!

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How to declare the entry and exit express!

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Customs declaration for express items

  1. The customs clearance and inspection of express items shall be carried out in the customs office hours and special regulatory places where the operators are located. If it is required to take out of the customs office hours or outside the special supervision place, the customs shall have the prior consent of the customs, and provide the necessary office space and necessary facilities to the customs for free.

2. The express items of the entry shall be declared to the customs within 24 hours after the means of transport are declared. The express items of exit shall go through customs formalities at customs 4 hours before departure.

3. The operator shall undertake the following obligations:

(1) to submit the documents and materials required for the express delivery to the customs in a timely manner and declare the express items of the express goods faithfully.

(2) notice to receive, sender to pay or agent to collect, the sender to pay the import and export duty of express. And according to the regulations to pay the fees, the regulation fee, etc.

(3) in addition to the circumstances permitted by the customs, the express items within the time limit shall be stored in the specially established customs supervision warehouse and safekeeping. Without the permission of the customs, the express items within the time limit shall not be loaded, unloaded, re-wrapped, re-packaged, extracted, dispatched, dispatched or otherwise carried out. "Supervision time limit" refers to the entry into the customs declaration from the customs declaration to the customs formalities; The situation is to declare to the customs and depart from the customs.

(4) before the customs inspection, the operator shall classify the express items. When the customs checks the express items, the operator shall send staff to be present, and shall be responsible for the moving, opening and re-sealing of express items.

(5) to find out that items in express items contain prohibited situations and shall not be dealt with without authorization and shall promptly notify and assist the customs in handling them.

4. In addition to other provisions, A, B and C shall be declared as follows:

A type of express items are sent by the KJ1 customs declaration, master waybill, each express delivery order and invoice to the customs.

B. C and C are respectively used in the KJ2, KJ3 customs declaration, the general waybill, each express delivery order and invoice to the customs for customs clearance procedures.

In accordance with the above provisions, the customs shall, in accordance with the circumstances, require the operator to provide detailed written information about the goods before the goods are released.

5. D type express items shall be submitted to the customs for declaration of import and export declaration and documents related to goods and articles import and export.

6. The customs shall, in accordance with the requirements of the regulatory requirements, accept the customs declaration of the operator through electronic data exchange (EDI). The customs declaration and customs declaration through EDI means the same legal effect.

Customs clearance of express items

  1. The operator shall carry out the entry and exit of express items in a special manner, and shall go through the formalities of examination and approval with the customs. After the examination and approval, the local customs shall issue a certificate of registration for the special difference express, and the operator shall apply for the customs declaration through the certificate issued by the customs.

2. Special express items shall be entered and exported from the port of the customs designated by the customs designated by the operator, and shall apply for the customs declaration in accordance with the provisions of above .

3. The operator shall report the time of entry and exit of the exclusive express, the route of transport, the detailed information of the transport vehicle (vehicle) and the detailed information of the special difference, etc. If the foregoing situation needs to be changed, the operator shall, in the first 15 days, please the local customs approval.

4. Special packages shall be used for special packaging, and the name of the operator shall be marked on the general package and the words "special express" shall be marked.

Third, note

The following items in the express items shall be checked and released in accordance with the relevant regulations:

(1) personal use of goods.

(2) public and private articles for foreign embassies and consulates and their personnel in China.

(3) public and private articles for the entry and exit of representatives of the United Nations specialized agencies and other international organizations in China.

(4) public and private articles for the entry and exit of foreign resident institutions and their personnel.



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