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The inspiration of multinational logistics enterprises!

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The inspiration of multinational logistics enterprises!

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The world most large logistics company head office and branch system, adopt headquarters centralised logistics operation, the business vertical management, is actually the integration of management pattern (only a command center, the other is operating point).

In practice, modern logistics needs a unified command center and operation mode of multiple operation centers. Because effective control is the guarantee of modern logistics. From the perspective of the content of the logistics business, each item is not complicated, but the coordination of the whole process service must establish a highly efficient and authoritative organization system, can control the logistics implementation condition and future operations, and can effectively handle cohesion in all sorts of problems and emergencies. In other words, there needs to be a strong and strong command center to control and coordinate the whole logistics business. Various interfaces and decisions must be linked together to create an operating system.

If each department insists that it is a profit center, considering that the problem always relates the cost to the maximum profit, such a foreign offer will not be competitive. So engaged in the logistics business, bear the entire journey service, there can only be a profit center, and other agencies, each department should be a cost center, all follow the profit center's command, all the service for a profit center, everything with the best interests of a profit center for their own interests.

It can be said that without a strong command center and the internal organic connection running network, there is no real sense of logistics. The real modern logistics must be a command center and a profit center. The organization, framework and system of the enterprise should be in conformity with a center. On the one hand, the division is required to obey the headquarters, and the headquarters has a high degree of control over the division. The division is specialized in the operation and standardization of the process. On the other hand, headquarters must have strong command, design ability, high accuracy of market grasp and ability to control risks.

In order to achieve this, the rapid reaction ability of the market must be ensured by the realization of informatization and networking. In the management and operation of modern logistics, information technology and information network play a very important role, even the logo of corporate image and core competitiveness. Therefore, large professional logistics enterprises usually have operation management system, quality assurance system, information management system and customer management system.



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