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Distribution enterprise logistics management!

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Distribution enterprise logistics management!

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The characteristics of distribution enterprise logistics

Distribution enterprises in the supply chain in more directly facing the end market segment, generally has a broad and deep marketing network, the customer orientation is more and more clear, accordingly, also show some characteristics on logistics management:

1. High requirement for nationwide logistics network coverage capability

Distribution enterprises generally has a national marketing network, distributors and retailers (branch), is widely distributed in Beijing, Shanghai and other cities, all levels of the provincial capital and so on second city, also exist in a three or four class logistics capability developed cities; The marketing network not only need to transport between cities, also need the distribution inside the city, the needs of customers in different areas of the type also differ greatly, and a lot of distribution enterprises of the further development of marketing channels constantly, for satellite city and suburban county of logistics coverage requirements also more and more high, how to plan an effective nationwide logistics network, is a good distribution enterprises logistics manager must resolve important issues.

2. The fast response ability and flexible requirements of logistics are higher and higher

Due to changing market risk, the risk of capital tie up, customers are becoming more and more on the order in batches, the characteristics of the small quantity, the timeliness requirements also more and more high, this requires logistics have rapid response ability and suitable flexible, adapt to changes in the aging, batch size and satisfy the needs of sales, and can effectively control the logistics cost.

3. Multi-level inventory planning and management are more complex

Multi-stage logistics network of distribution enterprises to the planning, want to have a good inventory planning and management skills, ability to low inventory to ensure the normal sales demand as far as possible, such as the headquarters of the distribution center to save how many normal inventory, how many safety stock, a number of varieties of seasonal, sales policy, the change of regional distribution center to keep much inventory; The distribution center between headquarters and regional distribution center and regional distribution center shall be balanced between standardization and flexibility, and how to purchase the goods more effectively and directly and so on. At the same time, the inventory management should also take into account the inventory of the various channels, otherwise the inventory plan may be biased. Multi-level inventory management brings greater complexity.

The development trend of distribution enterprise logistics

Under the trend of integration, informatization and globalization of logistics in China, distribution enterprise logistics has become more obvious in some trends:

1. More attention is paid to the utilization and integration of travel resources, which is the vanguard force for the development of supply chain logistics

China's logistics has to supply chain logistics stage of development, from internal integration to external integration, integration development, and distribution enterprises due to its own position in the supply chain, pay more attention to the integration of upstream and downstream resources of resource utilization, can be said to be at the forefront of supply chain logistics development.

2. Establish a more closely related operation mode, with customer satisfaction as the orientation

Many distribution enterprises to provide customers more satisfied service, have established the operation mode of the customer oriented, set up regional distribution center city distribution center, even more than 90% of the service, one-stop door to door service, and regular investigation and evaluation of customer satisfaction, as a target of improving and basis.

3. The trend of commercial logistics separation is more obvious

A few years ago, many logistics distribution enterprises is completely attached to the flow route operation, many take headquarters - branch - customer mode, cause a lot of invalid logistics, lead to low efficiency and high cost; Later, many companies began to adopt the separation of business flow, logistics mode, the supply of the goods is based on the regional distribution center - the customer's model, to make logistics relatively independent operation according to their own rules, by the enterprise headquarters logistics part of the overall planning of the logistics management, including inventory planning and management, logistics cost budget and evaluation, etc., branch no longer owns and manages the goods, and by the headquarters of the regional distribution center is responsible for, this separation to reduce the waste of resources caused by fracture type management.

4. The trend of specialization of internal logistics function

Some distribution companies with capital and management capabilities began to build their own independent logistics companies. On the one hand, as the need of cultivating the core competitiveness, satisfy their needs in the competition, on the other hand, the effective integration of resources, gradually formed to offer to this industry and cross-industry logistics providers, logistics solutions and services to become profitable. For example, a group in the communication industry is planning to set up a special logistics company to assume the logistics function of the group and gradually seek to become a professional logistics service provider in the whole industry. A book distribution group, also intends to separate the internal logistics department, set up a professional logistics company to meet the needs of logistics specialization.

Ii. The status and role of logistics in the distribution enterprise

Enterprises are becoming more and more aware of the importance of logistics in management, and more attention to logistics management. In the distribution enterprise, the status and role of logistics are highlighted in the following two aspects:

1. Logistics has developed into one of the core competencies of many distribution enterprises for market competition

Logistics has become one of the most important supporting factors for its development, maintenance and control of marketing network, becoming one of the most important factors for customer satisfaction and customer satisfaction. Some distribution enterprises even have strong logistics strength, occupying the position of chain owners throughout the supply chain, and have an unrepeatable advantage in suppliers and terminal markets.

2. Logistics becomes the third source of profit, and it is becoming more and more obvious in the distribution enterprises

As the intensity of competition in many industries, the marketing channel of flattening, distribution enterprises profiteering era seems to have gone, profit is more and more thin, have more work from the cost, but the enterprise sales, marketing, finance, human resources cost has little scope to mining, and space of logistics is to reduce the cost of the biggest areas, enterprises pay more and more attention to the block. If you want to earn 1 dollar, you may want to sell 20 yuan of goods, but the cost of logistics saves 1 yuan, which is the profit of 1 yuan.

Many distribution enterprises have built a good marketing network, but the actual operation of the whole network efficiency is low, become the bottleneck of enterprise development by leaps and bounds, one of the important problems, logistics capability has long been lagging behind, cause the weakness of the core competitiveness.

3. Analysis of common problems in distribution enterprise logistics management

The logistics system is a very obvious contradiction co-existence, the inventory is small, possibly the shortage cost is very high, the inventory is large, not only the cost is high, also may backlog; The response time is fast, the cost may be increased, the aging time is slow, which means the customer may lose. Therefore, there are a lot of trade-offs in logistics management, and the goal of the whole logistics management is to realize the balance between customer service level and logistics cost. In the distribution model of enterprise logistics management often appear problem, generally focused on the following aspects, in the final analysis the main reason lies in the logistics network planning, inventory management, transportation management, customer service, and so the core functions of warehouse management.

Logistics expense budget, accounting, analysis, progress report, warning, etc.

N report and enquiries

Summary and detailed statement of various dimensions; Documents, status, actions, etc.

Of course, the logistics information system needs to integrate well with the business system, so as to avoid the formation of information isolated islands, so as to truly break down the information barrier, improve the efficiency and reduce the cost, and realize the operation optimization. I'm not going to elaborate here.



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