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International shipping

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Our shipping relying on Hong Kong, shenzhen, guangzhou, Shanghai, ningbo, the five famous ports in the world with more than a dozen international shipping companies keep business, with many ship companies keep contract rate agreement. Through the electronic commerce cooperation with many ship-owners, realize electronic shipping online booking, cargo tracking, query, booking, confirmation, dock planner from sailing, the bill of lading issued to implement. Through advanced e-business technology and broad agreement rates, we can provide customers with diversified shipowners selection and flexible schedules.

Container (FCL) : use of Hong Kong, shenzhen, guangzhou, Shanghai, ningbo five international port liner populated advantage, trailer equipped with inland and Hong Kong trailer and barge shuttle service, no matter how urgent shipment requirement, we are able to provide customers with flexible and varied choices, including different port of shipment, such as chiwan, yantian, huangpu, Hong Kong; Different shipping companies, such as APL, OOCL, MSC, COSCO and so on; Different cut-off period from Monday to Sunday.

Bulk container (LCL) : we have cooperated with many large logistics companies to provide the bulk container service of shenzhen, Hong Kong, guangzhou and the world's major ports and inland points. Our freight according to the needs of the customers and the goods customs clearance ease, combined with the customs of shenzhen, Hong Kong, guangzhou, Hong Kong and specific operation, flexible arrange LCL cargo transportation and customs clearance, to ensure the safety of the customers at the lowest cost to destination.

Shipping import: our international freight can provide import shipping services to domestic importers through its relatively perfect foreign agent network. According to customer requirements, container transportation is arranged in the port of departure, and the whole container is provided in the port of destination, and the service such as packing, unpacking, customs declaration, and land and air transport are provided.

Bulk cargo transportation: our international freight forwarder cooperation with many shipowners at home and abroad, agent charter boat, provide China to the world wide bulk cargo ocean transportation service.

Marine supporting services: our freight is fully utilized to give full play to its professional customs clearance advantages, and provide customers with empty cabinets, trailers, commodity inspection and customs clearance services. Just tell your needs and the rest of the things to us, you can grasp the circulation situation of the goods at any time, and was beyond the cumbersome logistics links, better focus on the international market, this is our company for you to create the value of international shipping.

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